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Asian Longhorned Beetle is a very serious pest of many hardwood species of the northeast.  It has been recently discovered in Worcester, MA.  It was introduced from China via packing materials in the early 1990’s.  It has been previously identified in New York, Illinois and New Jersey.  Asian Longhorned Beetle is not currently believed to be in the Metrowest or greater Boston area.

Because of the very serious threat this pest poses, management consists primarily of quarantine, containment and removal of affected trees.  Accordingly, preventative treatments are not recommended.  It is believed that this pest does not quickly spread itself geographically and is isolated to an area centered in Northern Worcester.  A quarantine area has been established; the towns impacted currently are: Worcester, Holden, West Boylston, Shrewsbury and Boylston.

For the convenience of our clients we have included links to other reputable websites where you may obtain further information.

For important resources regarding pest identification, regulated areas, and management strategies or to report a sighting, please visit the City of Worcester’s official website.

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