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 “Cedarlawn President, William P. Maley meets Washington for the TCIA Legislative Day on the Hill”

By Emily Maley

As a respected member of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Board of Directors, Cedarlawn Tree President William Maley recently attended the “TCIA Legislative Day on the Hill” event. Held bi-annually, this conference provides information and industry perspective about initiatives and legislation under consideration on Capitol Hill.  As Maley’s fourth time attending this event, his experience and knowledge of the process continue to grow and are instrumental in promoting the needs of the industry.  “With each visit I have gained greater insight into the intricacies of the political process and a greater appreciation for just how important it is to participate” said Maley.

During his time in Washington, Maley and a small group of colleagues were able to meet with staff from several congressional and senate offices. He offered input of issues ranging from workplace safety to visiting worker programs such as H-2B visas.

At this event, the TCIA promotes the preservation and care of trees throughout United States, and advocates for the funding of grants that support education. For example; one program provides information about invasive insects such as the Asian longhorned beetle and emerald ash borer, among other pests.  

In a special address, Congressman Tim Walberg of Michigan, a member of the Workforce Protection Subcommittee, met with Maley and a small group of colleagues to comment on efforts to promote the initiative and create a separate work standard for safety in the tree care industry. Such a standard would create more detailed regulations which would fit better to the demands and nature of the arboricultural industry. “The current standards are too broad and fit best for loggers and land clearing companies, we are reaching for legislation which will better suit the needs of arboriculture. This will positively affect the safety of tree care companies around the country.”



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