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Commercial Services

Although safety and ethics are important to our residential clients, our commercial clients sometimes require a higher standard in safety and ethical practices. At Cedarlawn Tree, we understand this necessity and adhere to it in many ways.

Firstly, Cedarlawn Tree has an extensive history of providing exceptional arboricultural service with an unwavering focus on safety. That attribute alone separates us from most other tree care companies.  However, what makes us truly different is the many other ways our services are planned and supported to the very end.

When you choose to partner with Cedarlawn, you are working with a reputable business. To give one example, we recognize the importance of appreciating our staff. Each quarter Cedarlawn gives a member of our staff a “Modeling The Values” award. This awarded team member is nominated by their peers based on their performance in the use of our company values. Upon review of our Leadership Team, this team member is awarded a cash prize.

An example of our dedication to safety lies in our weekly safety meetings, which are required for every crew member. We take company-wide CPR/First Aid classes, and always keep them up to date.

Our ethics have become such a fundamental part of our firm that each member of our team carries a card with the company values and our mission statement. These are also listed on every door into our building for our staff, friends, vendors and clients to read and understand.

Cedarlawn is among a select few companies to be accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association.  This is not an easy designation to obtain or uphold.  With this, it requires that business systems, procedures and protocols comply with a rigorous set of standards. These standards are met by only the most qualified of companies in our industry across the United States.

We at Cedarlawn want these important attributes of our company to be well understood by and communicated to our commercial clients.

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