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Tree & Shrub Transplanting

 Tree and shrub transplanting is a fundamental service Cedarlawn provides as it can be used for a variety of reasons. Contrary to popular belief, tree and shrub transplanting is used as a temporary solution as well as a permanent one. For example, during construction projects sometimes temporarily moving a tree will protect it from damages. Transplants are often needed for screening or shade, as well as potentially moving a tree to another part of your property to allow better sunlight exposure. Transplanting is frequently used for trees that take on a sentimental value, trees that are of high economic value, and trees that play a special role in your landscape.

We employ three methods of transplanting, conventional drumlacing, bare root and tree spade transplant. Notably, all of our transplanting jobs are overseen by certified arborists who understand tree biology. This increases the chance of survival and prosperity in your tree or shrubs new home. But most importantly, Cedarlawn is an expert in aftercare. We care for the moved tree or shrub well after it has been planted, assuring that it will survive in its new location.