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Disease and Weed Control

 The best defense against disease and weeds is a healthy thick turf. Disease and weed control is an exceptionally important area of our service in that is creates a beautiful turf canvas for the rest of your landscape. Disease usually occurs for two reasons; firstly, where there is a lack of the proper nutrients in the soil, and secondly, in wet areas where humidity and heat are peaking.

Our turf care program will provide a great barrier to disease and weed control, however, when needed we perform fungicide sprays. This service is only provided after disease has already been confirmed on your turf. This is an additional service which is not included in our general turf care program. For weed control, Cedarlawn spot treats weeds only in areas where weeds have grown in.

To most naturally defend against disease and weeds, it is crucial to use proper cultural practices. These practices include, regular mowing at appropriate heights, adequate nutrition and hydration, well timed watering as well as management of the thatch layer and routine aeration. Ultimately, by keeping up with a customized turf program, your turf will remain lavish and sustainable.