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Lawn Fertilization

The overall beauty of your property hinges upon the health of your turf. The proper turf care program is crucial in creating both a plush and green lawn. Cedarlawn Tree’s experienced staff is trained in determining the exact type and amount of nutrients your soil needs in order for roots to prosper successfully. Traditionally, programs are completed in a series of treatments each year, which are each narrowly tailored to your specific lawn.

Treatments such as de-thatching and core aeration are used to physically open up areas of the soil in order to allow oxygen into the turf root. By doing this, the turf care program becomes most effective as it allows nutrients to reach the actual root endings. Turf Care programs also protect areas of your lawn which may be overly shaded or over-sunned, creating a more consistent looking green grass. Although this type of care is geared towards turf, our eco-system is all connected. Turf care will inevitably help local shrubs, trees and perennials on your property flourish more fully.