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Lawn Renovations

A lawn by its very nature is an unnatural condition and without routine care will gradually revert back to a ‘primitive state’.  Fortunately, there are many tools, products and techniques available today that can make renovating or recovering your lawn for less invasive or expensive than it once was. 

When weeds outnumber good grass plants for instance (they can be eliminated with selective spray that will not injure the desirable turf) slice seeding allows a specialist to plant ‘over’ existing turf and in bare areas to improve overall density and quality without wasting what is already there..  Even when conditions have become so poor that there is nothing left to save, machinery is available that can efficiently and economically start your lawn over from scratch.  Consult with our turf care manager to discuss your options and a plan that suits your goals and budget.

For turf areas that have been heavily damaged and have not thrived in the past, slice seeding is often recommended. In addition to a turf care program, slice seeding is used in order to create a more lush and full lawn. This type of seeding serves as a supplement to your current lawn and will be most effective in addition to a complete turf care program.