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Pruning is perhaps one of the most overused, misunderstood practices of our industry.  Simply defined, it is the removal of a part or parts of a tree or shrub, to achieve a specific goal.  Pruning techniques differ from plant to plant and there are definitely right and wrong practices.  The A-300 standard outlines best practices for prescribing and performing pruning.  Without it, a consumer is left with little or no way to differentiate between a good job and a poor one.

Some great reasons to prune include:
• Improving safety
• Increasing clearance
• Thinning to reduce weight
• Height reduction to manage size
• Promoting good ‘architecture’; to preserve form

Before undertaking a pruning project ask yourself; why is it necessary and what am I trying to achieve?  Cedarlawn’s certified arborists can help in advising if pruning is necessary.

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