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About Cedarlawn Tree

Cedarlawn Tree has served the Boston MetroWest community for almost 60 years.  Originally founded by Edward Maley and Al Nix, Cedarlawn is in its second generation of family leadership with our current President, William Maley.  With dedication to the care of trees and plant life, Cedarlawn has grown exponentially since it was founded in 1953.  Cedarlawn Tree employs nearly 30 full-time, year round staff members, more than half of whom have degrees in their area of expertise.  We are committed to maintaining a highly trained and educated staff and currently employ nine Massachusetts Certified Arborists, many ISA certified Arborists, three Certified Treecare Safety Professionals and a staff dedicated to growth and development.  Since its inception, Cedarlawn has been providing our clients an unmatched quality service.