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Tree Removal

Trees are long lived, highly beneficial organisms whose removal should never be taken lightly.  On the other hand, leaving a tree that poses a demonstratable hazard can be a huge mistake with terrible consequences.  With so much at stake, it is crucial to seek the opinion of a certified arborist.

Before getting started, it is always best to carefully consider the reasons for cutting down a tree, and the goals within your project.  Safety is the primary concern when it comes to removals, however, it is not always easy to determine what is or isn’t safe.  Dead trees are almost unanimously pose a significant danger, but even trees that are fully alive can be hazardous.  In some cases, the most dangerous trees of all can be completely ‘alive’.

Symptoms such as decay conchs, splits, poor attachments, cavities or irregularities at the root flare are just a few of the things a certified arborist can asses to provide a qualified opinion regarding the relative hazard a tree may pose.

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Rely on an accredited company with certified arborists – be confident in your decisions